Spring/Summer '21

The power of the flower


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Fresh from the FC garden: your portion of patchwork extravaganza with a burst of iconic flowers and animal print. A positive wink to the flower power movement. Cool down with fresh limes or a dip in our Swan Sea. Find rediscovered 70’s silhouettes from wide-leg trousers and big embroideries to exaggerating sleeves and frivolous ruffles.

  1. Summer thirst

    Summer thirst

    Our summer thirst has officially been quenched when wrapping ourselves in these refreshing Lime Lights. Available from classic blouses and skirts to our gorgeous Outshine the bride dress, that with its shiny lurex details and puffed asymmetrical sleeves does just what the name gives away.

  1. Dress
  2. Blouse
  3. Marigold


    Purple is the ideal shade to warm up your silhouette with a pop of colour. With a spectrum of soft and strong purples, this dreamy aquarelle flower is easy yet oh-so powerful. Enchant your inner boho with these free-flowing pieces. Fun fact, they are made from a sustainable rPet fabric.

  1. Cloud 9

    Cloud 9

    Stop looking, because that seventies power suit you have been searching for is here, and yes, it’s in pastel pink. Stick to the pastels and match it with our iconic Swan Sea print and pink statement cowboy boots and you’re ready to drift off to cloud 9. Symbolizing freedom and transformation, the swan is our true spirit animal this season. Put on your rose coloured glasses and enjoy the view.

  1. Blouse
  2. Skirt
  3. Skirt

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