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Discover the happy and celebratory vibe of our collection and embrace the free-spirited approach to dressing and living. Meet elevated signature silhouettes in a hippie-inspired colour palette in a mix of optimistic bright and bold colours, combined with subtle pastels and refreshing blues.

  1. Fancy Pansy

    Fancy Pansy

    A breathtaking palette of fresh bright blues is brought together in a voluminous flower print. Oh-so-fancy, we wrap ourselves in blooming pansies and welcome the summer ahead. Go for an all-over look with this free-spirited long dress or step over to the fresh blue-white spectrum with subtle embroideries in our flowing Evi top.

  1. Happy Leopard

    Happy Leopard

    Add some fun with this happy leopard print, a crisp white base with playful sweet pink dots, painted with a free hand and spirit. An epitome of some hippy-dippy goodness that makes us want to run through wild fields. This mood-boosting animal print makes its entrance with a power suit.

  1. Belt

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